Artistry of the Dead

Artistry of the Dead

Here at Zombie Theology we greatly appreciate the interaction and input of others in the zombie community. We have had some great comments and interaction on facebook and twitter, but we would like to move your involvement a step further. This is why we have created the new “Field Submissions” category. This category will be entirely made up of guest submissions. These can cover any genre of writing: short stories, tips and tricks, how to’s, interesting news, poems, videos, whatever. If it relates to zombies we want to read it and share it here at Zombie Theology. If you have any ideas or questions please email us at zombietheology[at]gmail[dot]com.

The following Field Submission is brought to you by Michael (a.k.a. Blackfireink) Michael is a very high quality print designer, plus a good friend and huge supporter of Zombie Theology. Follow him on twitter (@blackfireink), check out his website, his Zazzle store, and his Facebook page. We’re hoping that this turns into a regular feature on Zombie Theology.

As always, we pray for your sanity and survival in these dark days…


Out of a dank and foul smelling tomb shambles the figure, which in another time might have been someone you knew, of a human male. Its skin shriveled, dry, taunt against its almost skeletal head and body; oozing greenish yellow pus from wounds caused by unknown sources. Its once white teeth now have turned brownish yellow from decay and are covered with the rotting remains of blood and flesh from it’s most recent victim. Its eyes are almost rolled to the back of its head, yet when it senses you, they turn forward and from it’s parched throat it gives out a moan and begins moving toward you.

Greetings fellow zombie fans. My name is Michael Summers, the artist and owner behind Blackfire Ink. My works range from the mundane to sci-fi and horror. The latter two of which have always been my favorite things to spend my down time with. I’m self taught in the way of digital art and photography, learning new ways to do things with each image I do. So I don’t have those stuffy ideas of how to do something pushed on me by the scholarly. But I do respect their work and often check out how something was done to see if it is useful to me. I’m also a traditional artist, having done several pencil & ink pieces as well as oil paintings. I know my way around art enough to be… dangerous.

I guess you might be wondering why the cool ghouls here at Zombie Theology decided to give me a column to write. I could say it’s because of the constant support I’ve given in getting the news out about this site. I could say it’s because I’m an avid zombie fan who does zombie art work. I could even say it’s because I’m a Christian who likes the idea of what is being put forth on this site. But I think it’s because their decaying minds have slipped a cog. (Sssshhh! Don‘t tell ‘em I said that, okay? I like my flesh intact and I’ve seen them eyeing my brain!)

No matter the reason, I’ve taken on the task given me and relish the chance to do it.

“Do what,” you ask?

Well, short and sweet, I’ll be writing articles about zombie art and photography! My job is to pick out an artist who does zombie art and/or photography and give a review on the work as well as give some background on the artist. At times, I may look at video submissions to critique zombie make-up because zombie make-up is an art form in and of itself. I know that some time soon, I’ll give a tutorial for doing digital zombie effects to a real persons face and body. At least, how I do it. I’m all about helping others learn to do cool zombie effects.

It won’t be easy picking out artists or reviewing them. There are a lot of artists out there who do fantastic work! Some even better than I! But then, there are those artists who’s work is just so bad that you have to wonder how in the world they ever got air time. I’ve seen some pretty odd looking attempts at zombie art, too. In all fairness, however, I’ll review anything that comes across my desk top.

Here’s what I’m planning on doing. Once a month, aside from doing the normal search and destroy of zombie art, I’ll review a submission by anyone who is following this site and/or this column. To submit an image, please email it to: zombietheology[at]gmail[dot]com with the subject line: ART OF THE DEAD SUBMISSION and it will be directed to me.

You may send up to two pieces to be reviewed. Once reviewed, please do not send another submission UNLESS I personally request you to. If and when your work is chosen to be reviewed, you’ll get an email message from either me or Zombie Theology letting you know about it!

So that’s where we are for now. Until my next column post, God be with you and pass of ammo!

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  1. Glad to see you writing out here, Michael, and that your talent is being recognized. Who better to critique zombie art than a true artist like yourself?

  2. Thank you, Kimberley. That means a lot!

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