Gotta outrun those zombies… or at least outrun the other person

Posted by on Jan 9, 2012 in Editorial, The Blog | 2 comments

There's got to be a point to this post right? Nope... but I can outrun you!

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Dan’s Top Ten List of Zombie Stuff

Posted by on Dec 20, 2011 in Editorial, Reviews, The Blog | 0 comments

With Christmas around the corner you may be looking for the perfect gift for that zombiephile in your life (we...

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Jeremy’s Top Ten List of Zombie…Things

Posted by on Dec 19, 2011 in Editorial, Reviews, The Blog | 0 comments

Zombie culture is, and will continue to be, a huge part of media. Because of the vast landscape the mythos opens...

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Officially Welcoming New Authors to ZT

Posted by on Dec 8, 2011 in Editorial, The Blog, Updates | 2 comments

We have been doing Zombie Theology for awhile now. One of the things we like best is when we get people to write...

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A Reply to The Zombie Appeal

Posted by on Dec 2, 2011 in Editorial, Spotlight, The Blog, Theology | 2 comments

In our never ending pursuit to scour the internet to find zombie news and information, we came across a very...

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The Walking Dead and the Zombie in the Mirror

Posted by on Dec 2, 2011 in Editorial, Featured, Media, The Blog | 0 comments

(Spoiler alert: The following post contains information about “Pretty Much Dead Already,” Episode 7...

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My family has been infected by zombies

Posted by on Nov 22, 2011 in Editorial, Featured, Short Stories, Stories, The Blog | 11 comments

My family has been infected by zombies. It’s true. And, to be honest, it’s my fault. I guess I should...

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Zombie Walks: Good Fun or Dangerous?

Posted by on Nov 18, 2011 in Editorial, Media, The Blog | 4 comments

Ever hear of the boy who cried wolf? What about the people that pretended to be zombies? Zombie walks and other...

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Walking Dead Getting all Philosophical

Posted by on Nov 17, 2011 in Editorial, Media, The Blog | 3 comments

When someone asks me why I love zombies, it is difficult to contain my excitement at all the great things about...

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Three Views on Christians and Horror – Conclusion

Posted by on Jul 29, 2011 in Editorial, Featured, The Blog | 0 comments

During the last week, we have examined the following question: “Should Christians participate in horror...

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