Goodnight Facebook Friends

Goodnight Facebook Friends

Here at Zombie Theology we greatly appreciate the interaction and input of others in the zombie community. We have had some great comments and interaction on facebook and twitter, but we would like to move your involvement a step further. This is why we have created the new “Field Submissions” category. This category will be entirely made up of guest submissions. These can cover any genre of writing: short stories, tips and tricks, how to’s, interesting news, poems, videos, whatever. If it relates to zombies we want to read it and share it here at Zombie Theology.If you have any ideas or questions please email us at zombietheology[at]gmail[dot]com.

The following is a Field Submission brought to you by  Daniel Otto Jack Petersen (Hack, Reflectivist, Shape-shifter) who is a husband of one and father of five.  Originally from Indianapolis, Indiana he now lives in Glasgow, Scotland and blogs about theology of monsters at The God Who Loves Monsters.

As always, we pray for your sanity and survival in these dark days…


There are a few of them left. The non-zombies. Even a few still grouped in roving units. It’s utterly terrifying to even see one from a distance; worse to see a group. I’ve felt the shudder run right through a thousand of us as we travel – and only saw the dreaded thing after I felt the tremor of fright pass through me too. It’s a horrific irony to be terrified of your own food. But we survive. We millions. On each other mostly now. Or our own personal flesh when it comes down to it. Heh, I just remembered I ate my arm up to the elbow today. I’m sitting here typing one-handed and not even thinking about it – got that whole phantom limb thing going I guess – just felt like I was typing two-handed as always. I got separated from the conglomerate almost a week ago and somehow can’t find even a scrap to gnaw on. Had to make due today – the hunger pains had gotten unbearable. It’ll be better when there are none of the humans left to hunt and eat. Then I’ll dine without fear. The weakest of us will go first, which makes us live only strong days, strongest of the strong. I do envy the last zombie standing, the last former human feasting on the remains of the next to last. That will be the feeling. The knowledge of total and complete annihilation of the race that we’ve yearned to know, to be. I dream it could be me. Sure, an impossible dream but why not? I’ll get something cruelly jagged and deadly in place of this lost forearm, better than what I had. I’ve seen some others with stuff like that. Yeah, maybe I’ll eat some other carefully selected portions of myself to make way for improvements and ‘upgrades’ – make a real badass warrior out of this old carcass of mine. Yeah. I dream. The last zombie standing.

Well, goodnight Facebook friends. It’s funny how we drift into these social networks on occasion and do this pointless stuff the old us used to do. Before we were Eaters. Guess it’s just our last testament. Or theirs. We eat up their cyberspace along with their flesh. We the Eaters. I the Eater. The last zombie standing…

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