Now They Lay Me Down to Sleep: an undead poem

Now They Lay Me Down to Sleep: an undead poem

Here at Zombie Theology we greatly appreciate the interaction and input of others in the zombie community. We have had some great comments and interaction on facebook and twitter, but we would like to move your involvement a step further. This is why we have created the new “Field Submissions” category. This category will be entirely made up of guest submissions. These can cover any genre of writing: short stories, tips and tricks, how to’s, interesting news, poems, videos, whatever. If it relates to zombies we want to read it and share it here at Zombie Theology.If you have any ideas or questions please email us at zombietheology[at]gmail[dot]com.

The following is a Field Submission brought to you by The Zombie Mom, mother of three precious undead children and the author of the blog Dead and Domestic.

As always, we pray for your sanity and survival in these dark days…


Now they lay me down to sleep
So no more people I will eat
No more munching on their brains
No more ripping out their veins

So will they end me with a gun
I sure will miss the way they run
When I come stalking down the lanes
Moaning, groaning, “brains, brains, braaaaiiiinnnsss!”

But now they shoot me in the head
It doesn’t hurt for I am dead.

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