The night before graduation Jack had a bit of a crazy night. Of course he did, it was the night before graduation. He had left his house around 9:00. His mom didn’t want him to go out. She was worried that he would be too worn out the next day and she wanted her only little boy to be looking his best for his big graduation day. It isn’t everyday that a mother gets to watch her son graduate. Maybe his mom had good intentions, but it pissed Jack off that she was always treating him like a baby, he was on the verge of graduating from high school, he needed to start making his own decisions.

“Quit being such a God damn lunatic Ma, you don’t need to fly into hysterics just because I’m going out with my friends! I’m stayin’ at Dave’s I’ll see you at graduation.” And with that Jack slammed the door, fired up his car and took off to party with his buddies.

His mom cried. She didn’t want to push her son away by smothering him, but she didn’t want to let him go either. Jack was all she had. Jack’s dad was around, but not really. Jack hated his dad, the guy was a friggin’ drunk ass loser. Jack would never turn out like his dad. Sitting on his ass, watching TV all night, ignoring his wife and his son. He worked, brought home enough money for his family to get by. He didn’t hurt his wife or his son, he just didn’t give a shit about them, or anything else for that matter. Jack graduating meant that his mom would be stuck with no one but her drunk mindless husband. This made her cry, pushing her son away made her cry, the hopelessness and emptiness she felt inside made her cry, the fact that no one was there to cry on made her cry even more.

Jack knew his mom felt alone, Hell, Jack felt alone. He tried to be there for her. Be strength and comfort for her, but Jack was young and frustrated. He was stuck between wanting to be around to help his mom, but itching to get away from his worthless father. If he were honest, Jack also knew he wanted to get away from his mom. She was suffocating him and he couldn’t be her husband, he couldn’t be her strength. He was just a boy and he needed to get away from her, to get away from that empty life. He hated that he felt that way, he hated to feel so callous toward his mother, but Jack couldn’t wait to graduate and get as far away from both of them as possible.

Jack’s mom and dad got up the next morning. Jack’s mom laid out nice clothes for Jack’s dad. Jack’s dad ignored the clothes and threw on a dirty pair of pants, covered in car grease, and an old flannel shirt full of holes. He opened the fridge, grabbed a PBR, cracked it open and drank it down. Jack’s mom wore her best dress. It had flowers and fancy lace around the edges. It was horribly out-dated, but it was the best dress she had. Jack’s dad started up the car and he and Jack’s mom headed over to the graduation.

They didn’t notice that Jack’s car was in the garage. They didn’t know he had ended up coming home after all, not staying at Dave’s. This was probably the best break Jack had ever caught in his whole life. If they knew he was home his mom would have gotten him out of bed. He would have been headed to graduation with them right now.

As Jack stretched and yawned in his nice comfortable bed,  his parents and almost everyone he knew were screaming in pain and agony as they were being devoured by wild animals at Jack’s graduation.


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  1. “Wild animals”… I presume those beasts were Zombies. :)

  2. Michael,

    That was my question also. I’m not sure where Dan is going with this, but it looks interesting, doesn’t it?


  3. Michael,

    You’ll just have to keep reading the series to find out!


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