Reason and Passion

Reason and Passion

Dirk was tired of always being hungry. He was finally going to tell Clarence to fuck off. He was done showing restraint. What good was it doing them? They were slowly going mad from their meager rations. They could clean the place out in a matter of minutes, finally feel full, finally feel satisfied.

“Clarence, this is bullshit man, they treat us like slaves, and they feed us like slaves, and they are nothing more than cattle! Why are we sitting here letting those bloodbags call the shots? They’re weak cowards and we are laying down at their feet like dogs. They feed us their scraps and we just sit at their table and beg. I’m sick of this man, I’m fuckin’ hungry and fuckin’ tired of being ordered around by what should be my dinner!”

“Dirk, my dear friend, I have always appreciated your enthusiasm, but it must be balanced with good judgement or else it can be disastrously self-destructive. In this instance your self-destructive tendencies will not simply hurt you, but all of your kind. We must ration our food, for their is little food remaining. We could, most assuredly gorge ourselves this evening, and what do you propose we eat tomorrow? What shall we eat when those “bloodbags” are empty? Where will we find more? How will your appetite and the appetite of your brothers find satisfaction? This is truly an unfortunate predicament we find ourselves in, but there is no other way. Sometimes reason must overcome passion.”

Dirk walked out of the room. Clarence was such an arrogant bastard. Dirk would love to punch that asshole right through a wall.

Dirk knew that Clarence was right, but that didn’t stop him from being pissed off. He had spent his entire life hunting and destroying humans, devouring the crimson life that pulsed through their veins. Now he had been muzzled by them, now he must comply with them or else face extinction, Dirk needed the humans. The monsters had over indulged. They were thoughtless animals. It was due to that mindless consumption and destruction that Dirk was in his current predicament. They had killed so many that only a fraction of humanity remained, and if the few remaining humans died, so would Dirk. Fuckin’ Clarence. That dude is such an arrogant bastard, but right, he was right, damn it!

How long would things remain this way? Dirk and his brothers and sisters have faced difficult times before, but they simply had to wait and things would change. Things changed slowly, maybe taking decades or centuries, but eventually things would change and they could resume their rein of terror without much resistance. But this, this was something new. Without humans to terrify there would be no rein of terror, there would be no food, and that could never be undone no matter how much time passed. Dirk and his kind must protect and defend the weak humans. They must kill the wolf that is seeking to devour their cattle, not because they love their cattle, but because it is THEIR cattle and not the wolves and without their cattle they don’t eat, and without eating they die right beside those stupid dimwitted cattle.

Dirk went back to his room. A weak old man was tied to a chair in his room. He walked up to the man, ripped his neck open with a mouth full of razor-sharp canines and sucked what was left of life out of the old worthless fool. This did little to repair Dirk’s mood or hunger, but it would get him by, for now, but Dirk could not live forever on starvation rations. He would eventually lose control and ruin everything for his kind. How long could reason overpower passion? Dirk had a feeling it wouldn’t be too much longer and then everyone would be fucked, himself included.

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