The Infection is Spreading

The Infection is Spreading

Like the destructive infection of the undead, Zombie Theology has been spreading far and fast. We have only been online for about two weeks and have been blown away by the response thus far.

The Twitter account, @zombietheology, has 350 followers and the site has been getting tons of hits and comments – more than we expected for the first two weeks. Thanks so much to everyone who has shared our links and spent time on our site! (Oh, and did we mention that we now have a Facebook page? Check it out! Like it!) With your help we can bring hope to the souls of those who live in the zombie apocalypse!

See below for infection information:

darkness of location determines degree of infection

The infection is no longer contained within U.S. borders!


As always we appreciate your patronage and pray for your sanity and survival in these dark days…

-Your Undead Administrator


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  1. In the films it always starts in the US ;)

    Nice to see your numbers growing rapidly. I know I’ve said it before but you put some great content out here on the web, keep it up.

    • Unless you count the 28 Days Later story (although those weren’t actually zombies).


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