The Walking Dead returns … with a whimper

The Walking Dead returns … with a whimper

SPOILER ALERT – This post contains information about Season 2 Episode 8 of The Walking Dead

So, we’ve all been anticipating this since back in November. The Walking Dead has finally returned after leaving us with quite the cliffhanger. What would the fallout be after the barn doors were opened and all that Hell broke loose? Well, I’ve got to say, at least for me, that the show’s return was not nearly as exciting as I hoped it would be, or as I was led to believe it would be. Let me explain.

The previews they had been showing for the midseason premiere looked pretty action packed. Gun fights and car crashes and just a general melee of awesomeness. Well there was a car crash and people were shot, but I think the preview exaggerated the actual significance of these events in the episode.

I know that it’s true that the car crash may be very important. We have no idea what happened to Lori. Is she dead? Is the baby dead? Will she get attacked by walkers while she is trapped in the car? Who knows. The point I am making is that the car crash was literally no more than a few seconds of the episode and then completely ignored for the rest of the show. No one has noticed she’s missing yet, no one has come across her yet. The crash may set up some stuff for the future, but it wasn’t a focal point of the episode.

So the “gun fight.” I don’t think it could even be called that. Again, this event lasted seconds. Rick killed a couple guys we had never met before so it isn’t like we lost significant characters. We learned a bit about Rick, and possibly this has an impact on his and Hershel’s relationship and possibly what happens next as far as the group’s stay at the farm is concerned, but again this was not a huge element in this particular episode.

So we have another set up episode, laying the groundwork for stuff to come. That’s cool. It wasn’t bad. It just felt like any midseason episode, we just had to wait three months for it, and, in my opinion, were mislead as to what to expect out of it. Good or bad, I’m glad the show is back on and I am looking forward to where it will be going for the remainder of the season.

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  1. You young people and your short attention spans…

    This was a great episode! Why did I think it was great? Because so many characters did something that you did not expect! Who expected Hershel to wind up drunk in a bar? Who expected Rick to blow away two humans? Who expected Lori to drive off like an idiot… ok, so mabye that last one is not a good example.

    Still, I enjoyed the episode. I think it is building new and better plot lines and twists to come.

    Maybe you’ll get to see more blood and guts in the next episode.


  2. You missed the point Alan. It wasn’t that there wasn’t enough blood and guts (although there wasn’t and never is). The point was that it was advertised as a big shoot ‘um up episode and it was nothing like that. The scenes from the preview were only seconds of the episode and not even the focal points of the episode itself.

  3. I guess I didn’t see the same previews. I saw the previews with Rick and Hershel talking in the bar…

    Still, I thought it was a good episode. Best? Probably not… but still good.

    It’s exciting that the show’s ratings continue to improve also!


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