It seems as though zombies are everywhere right now, from the big screen with Zombieland and Shaun of the Dead to the small screen with The Walking Dead, from comic books like Marvel Zombies to reworkings of classic novels like Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, now even the CDC is getting on the zombie bandwagon. So why another zombie site? What is there that could possibly be left from this corpse that has been picked dry by every facet of the entertainment business?

There are several places online and in print that you can find information on preparation and survival during the zombie apocalypse. What there is sadly too little of is good information and answers from a theological angle on how to deal with and how to understand when the dead rise to destroy the living. We hope to correct this unfortunate oversight.

For many years the Theological community and the zombie preparedness community have been at odds with each other. Those specializing in zombie survival see Christians as loonies spouting on about judgment and the destruction of the world. Christian thinkers have looked at the obsession with zombie preparedness as an affront to their beliefs and their God. The closest these two have come is in the famous Zombie Last Supper and the idea that the resurrected Jesus was a zombie, both of which are unfortunately very antagonistic against Christians and very inconsistent with the typical views of zombies and zombie preparedness.

zombietheology.com is dedicated to creating a safe and supportive environment for all parties to come together and discuss this undead problem, to provide hope and meaningful answers from a Christian perspective, without casting unwarranted judgment and prejudice against our fellow man, to bridge the gap between the faith and survival of the living once the dead start to rise. We want to discuss the ethical implications that inevitably follow when dealing with the undead, the eschatological (concerning the end of the world) questions that are unavoidable when the dead no longer stay dead, and the importance and relevance of the Christian faith in a post-apocalyptic world.

This site is not a call to repent. It is not a call to “turn from your wicked ways!” It is a site that will hopefully find a bridge between those who seek to aid in the physical survival of humanity and those who hope to aid in the spiritual survival of humanity.

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We appreciate your patronage and pray for your sanity and survival in these dark days…

-Your Undead Administrator

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