Zach Meets The Zombie

Zach Meets The Zombie

We received a free copy of Zach Meets the Zombie in exchange for this review.

Zach Meets the Zombie
By Rickman

Synopsis: Zach would like to go outside and play, but he can’t because a zombie is at his front door. This book is laid out in basically two parts. The first explains what a zombie is, how one might come to exist, and traits of a zombie. The second part explains how to get rid of a zombie if you happen to come across one.

My Opinion: I am going to review this as a kid’s book, not a novelty gift book, because, after talking with some of the folks involved in this project, I think that children are the intended audience.As far as novelty gift is concerned, suffice it to say that it would be a funny gift for anybody you know who enjoys the zombie genre.

There are a few things I look for in a book that I read to my kids. One is that there are words that might help them develop a larger vocabulary. Zach definitely delivered on that front with words like reanimated, extraterrestrial, supernatural, incinerate, fiendish, and others. My kids were constantly asking, “Daddy, what does this word mean?” That is a huge plus in my opinion. Additionally, I look for a book that delivers on some kind of valuable moral. I’ve got to say that this was the weakest point for me in Zach Meets the Zombie. It is certainly fun and silly and teaches kids how to dispatch a zombie, but underneath all that there isn’t really anything my kids learned (that would apply in their everyday life, like sharing or healthy eating) from the book, but that isn’t always the most important thing. Most importantly, since reading, in and of itself, is valuable, even if a book doesn’t deliver on morals or vocabulary, is if my kids enjoyed it and it kept their attention. Zach Meets the Zombie absolutely delivered in this area. If they don’t lose focus you know they liked it, if they want to read it again immediately after, you know they really liked it, and if they ask to read it every night at bed time for days on end, you know they loved it. In the case of Zach Meets the Zombie the kids have asked me to read it several times since we first read it about a week ago. The illustrations are very bright and colorful and fun, and the words are big and bold. The story is silly and funny. All these things add up to be quite appealing for the kids, and you can’t really ask for much more than that!

The cover recommends a suggested age of ten and over for those reading the book, and I think that is generally a good age rating. My kids are younger (three, four and five) but have been exposed to the zombie genre their entire lives. While the content is a bit morbid, involving chainsaws, flamethrowers, axes, and sledgehammers, the illustrations do a nice job of making these seem more funny than scary, sorta like a Tom and Jerry or Roadrunner cartoon.

Overall I loved Zach Meets the Zombie and highly recommend it to anybody who wants to get their kids into this great genre! There is very little on the market that allows kids to enjoy zombies, but this book is a  notable gem among the little that is out there.


4 out of 5 Brains: worth fighting the horde over

Note: Zach Meets the Zombie is the first of the Meet the Monster series that will be released through 1313 Publications. We’re looking forward to the others!

Zach Meets the ZombieAvailable from: 1313 Publications and on Itunes

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  1. I just found your site and I am so excited. I am a Christian/philosophy/pop-culture guy and I think that covers zombies very well. I have blogged a lot about zombies at my website: The most recent post is here:

    I also have a quick summary of my ideas at:

    I am looking forward to engaging with you on the intersection of zombies and Theology.

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