Zombie artists of the comic book world – Part 3

Zombie artists of the comic book world – Part 3

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Zombie artists of the comic book world – Part 3: Pablo Marcos

Back in the early 1970’s, a fantastic artist by the name of Pablo Marcos began his career with Marvel Comics. This isn’t saying he didn’t do anything before hand. Far from it! His career actually started when he was asked to do spot illustrations as a fill in for Julio Fairle. During the 60’s, he did comic strips for news papers which included James Bond 007. But it wasn’t until he moved to New York in the 70’s that he started to make head way with his art!

I wanted to start with his Marvel days, however, because it is where he caught my attention. Pablo was the artist for many of the black & white comic magazines that Marvel put out back then and one of them was “TALES OF THE ZOMBIE.”

The story line of the magazine basically told of a man, Simon W. Garth, stumbles into a voodoo plot and ends up getting turned into a zombie. He becomes controlled by a magic amulet that he wears about his neck. Anyone who controls the matching amulet could make Garth do whatever they wanted, usually it was to do evil of some kind, stealing and killing. But when that person no longer control the amulet, Garth came after them with a vengeance! Zombie Garth has wondered in and out of many other Marvel books, with the most recent appearances being in MARVEL ZOMBIES #4.

Through all this, the reader is given highly well done art to help the story along! And the covers of most of the book’s 9 issues were just outstanding! In the 1980’s Pablo moved from “TALES OF THE ZOMBIE” to do other projects, which included “KULL”, “ADVENTURES OF CONAN”, “PLANET OF THE APES”, and “DRAGON” for Ejea Magazine. By now Pablo had made a name for himself amongst other artists and fans alike. But in 1985, his wife Norma passed away. In his devastation, Pablo poured himself into his work more than ever.

In 1987, while working on a graphic STAR TREK novel for DC, Pablo met and eventually married another artist by the name of Myriam Giraldo, who became his assistant on a great many of his projects. Soon after, he wrote and illustrated his first full story which appeared in HEAVY METAL Magazine, called Norka.

As time passed, Pablo did projects for Sports Illustrated For Kids, Soccer Jr., Crossgen Comics, and a series of Classics Illustrated books. As of today, he is currently working on “THE SPIDER” for Moonstone Publishing. If you’ve never seen his early works with the Marvel Comics, I suggest you pick up a few copies. The images I’m including here give you an idea of just how cool his art is and it has improved over the ages!


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  1. thx for educating me

    stumbled upon this by chance

    I love simon garth and have read it years ago but was never (as i said) edcated about it. Pablo Marcos is a master, just look at his zombies. Unlike most other comic book zombies, his sort of have strength and “personality” making them even scarier, imho.

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